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Plat 99: Mixology Lounge

Plat 99 – The Alexander’s Mixology Lounge pulsates with vibrant, colorful energy. Designed by the internationally acclaimed artist Jorge Pardo and his Los Angeles-based studio, Plat 99 is both a lounge and a work of art. Mixologists blend fresh local ingredients into irresistible concoctions, while guests snack on artisanal charcuterie and regional cheeses. Our small plate options are handcrafted in front of you. Recline on contemporary couches or gather around high-top tables and treat your friends to a round of inventive cocktails, international wines or regional draft beer. If you are having trouble deciding on which cocktail best suits you, ask any of the mixologists and they will create something that fits your taste personally.


Delightful small dishes and crafted full sized cocktails will entice anyone to enjoy this beautiful space and captivating view. The cocktail menu will lead you through the history of the cocktail and bring you up to speed with what truly talented mixologists are creating to satisfy your wants and needs.


Updated on October 10th, 2017: View Plat 99's Menu.


 Hours of Operation:   

              Sunday and Monday

              3:00pm - 11:00pm

              Tuesday thru Thursday

              3:00pm - 12:00am

              Friday and Saturday

              3:00pm - 1:00am



If interested in hosting an event in Plat 99, please contact our Sales Assistant: Nicole Fonner 317-624-8276